Your contact persons
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  •  Dr. Armin Nedjat
    Dr. Armin Nedjat

    CEO/Managing Director
  •  ZTM Norbert Bomba
    ZTM Norbert Bomba

    CEO/Managing Director
  • Mr. Frank Schäfer
    Frank Schäfer

    Purchases/Sales Management
  • Mr. Gerhard Quasigroch
    Gerhard Quasigroch

    Dentist, Supervisions
  • Mrs. Ute Hafner
    Ute Hafner

    Head of Sales
  • Mr. Eduard Alt
    Eduard Alt

    Sales & Customer Support
  • Mrs. Tara-Lynn Bayer
    Tara-Lynn Bayer

    Sales & Customer Support

    Champions-Clinic Assistance/Management
  • Mrs. Selcan Ersezer
    Selcan Ersezer

    Sales & Customer Support
  • Mrs. Semra Ertürk
    Semra Ertürk

    Sales & Customer Support
  • Mrs. Ann-Christin Krüger
    Ann-Christin Krüger

    Sales & Customer Support

    Organization of courses
  • Mrs. Charline Nostadt
    Charline Nostadt

    Sales & Customer Support

    Organization of courses
  • Mrs. Marion Schuch
    Marion Schuch

    Sales & Customer Support
  • Mrs. Kathrin Preuß
    Kathrin Preuß

    Head of Accounting Area & Human Resources

    Managing Director Assistant
  • Mrs. Marissa Müller
    Marissa Müller

    Accounting Area/Human Resources
  •  Edith Schweininger-Bomba
    Edith Schweininger-Bomba

    Data Protection Supervisor & Human Resources
  • Mrs. Claudia Ziegler
    Claudia Ziegler

    Quality Manager / Regulatory Affairs
  • Mrs. Sarah Bihler
    Sarah Bihler

    Sales Representative in Germany
  • Mrs. Agata Czerwinski
    Agata Czerwinski

    Sales & Customer Support
  • Mr. Andreas Reil
    Andreas Reil

    Head of Champions Media
    Organization of exhibitions + congresses
  • Mrs. Simone Senne
    Simone Senne

    Graphic design
  • Mr. Sascha Khan
    Sascha Khan

    Multi-Media & VFX Artist
  • Mr. Shang-He Yang
    Shang-He Yang

    Web & Software Development
  • Mrs. Celina Jelonek
    Celina Jelonek

    Correspondence in English & French
  • Mrs. Fanny Rougnon-Glasson
    Fanny Rougnon-Glasson

    Consultant for France and French speaking countries
  • Mrs. Doris Knirsch-Nostadt
    Doris Knirsch-Nostadt

  • Mr. Aytekin Kara
    Aytekin Kara

    Facility Management